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All Roads Lead To...: Naples

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Anyone who has ever travelled knows not every day is wonderful and not every moment is one to be remembered. Fortunately, most of the time I can look back on the less than fun times and remember the enjoyable parts, or at least find something humorous to share. Unfortunately, there will be no such redemption for my day in Naples. It was really and truly a horrible day. I will spare you the details, but suffice it to say that the highlight of my day was the extra strong vodka cranberry that the bartender at the pool bar made for me. Repeatedly. I actually mean that - I was in Italy and the best thing that happened to me that day was a generous pourer and a quiet spot by the practically deserted pool because pretty much every other person on the ship was in Naples having a better day than me.

There are many potential ways to spend the day when one is docked at Naples. You can take a ferry to nearby Capri, spend the day along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, or even visit Pompeii. I fully intend to do all of those things one day, but Naples was a port where I elected to keep it simple (and save money) by exploring the city on my own for the day. Obviously when I made that plan I was imagining that I would have actual fun doing so...

One place I was especially excited to see was the National Archaeological Museum. To add insult to an already injured-to-the-point-of-death day, the majority of the exhibits, including some in which I was especially interested - for instance, the exhibit on Pompeii - were inexplicably closed. And the tickets were in no way discounted because of this. I refused to buy a ticket simply out of protest and perhaps because I was in a bit of a bad mood. So, I crossed the number one thing I wanted to see in Naples off my list.

By this point, I was just done with Naples. Honestly, I could not even develop an adequate opinion about the city due to the fact that my entire perspective was tainted by things completely unrelated to the place I happened to be that day. It is not the fault of Naples that I had a miserable day, well, at least not entirely. Maybe if the museum had really been open… I guess my only option is to revisit the city in the future and give myself a better opportunity to appreciate what it has to offer. Ideally, that visit will include plenty of time in the museum and lots of pizza. Fewer tears would be nice, too. In the meantime, enjoy a few pictures from around the city.


Thankfully, the trip would end much better than this day ended (or began, for that matter) with a fantastic tour of Rome. Although I did not enjoy my time in Naples, I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel. If forced to choose between never traveling and enduring the occasional unenjoyable day while traveling, the latter option wins every time.

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Maybe next time you could make a trip in the Circumvesuviana train between Naples and Sorrento, it's a very nice -and short- trip. The views from Sorrento are very beautiful and during the trip, you'll be able to see several landscapes very interesting.

by carlosbed

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